About Us

ZANU PF U.K is the progressive chapter of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front headquartered in Zimbabwe. Our core mandate is to establish and sustain a society that cherishes African Values and to create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth of the nation. As the officially sanctioned and therefore sole legitimate representation of the party in the United Kingdom, we hold firm the belief that the establishment of party structures in the United Kingdom will help to ensure that that there will not be a lost generation of Zimbabweans who are lost to both the history of their country as well as the ethos of the armed struggle.

We remain committed to strengthening the branch system, opening of constituency information centres through our branch network structures and enhancing the participation of those in the diaspora in party and nation building. To date we have prepared and continue to consolidate a strategic plan for our Outreach and Public Relations Programme in order to guide efficient and effective execution of the programme and to use the plan to set up fully functional and cohesive structures which will lead the party at regional level. The Information and Publicity together with the Science and Technology portfolio which are spearheading the outreach process have been involved through print and electronic media, and public presentations.

We are creating a Chapter that acts as a forum for democratic participation by those in the UK, is visible, responsive and accessible as well as informed and proactive. We are crafting an arena for democratic dialogue, one in which all interested Zimbabweans work towards a common agenda. As a progressive structure which derives its roots and perspective from the ideals of the liberation struggle, the ethos of our party, our values and principles, we acknowledge that our founding fathers sponsored the independence paradigm in an African context and that we must conceptualise development in the same African context.

While we welcome the mandate that we have been given to set up structures of our party in the United Kingdom, we also accept that the fulfilment of the tasks imposed by the mandate are only possible with the confidence, goodwill and co-operation of all of you, reinforced by the forthcoming support and encouragement of all our friends, allies, and well-wishers in the diaspora.