Zanu PF UK and EU Anti Sanctions Day Statement

The Zanu PF United Kingdom/Europe leadership and members would like to express its profound gratitude to the SADC Heads of States and Governments for taking a historical stance in collectively calling for the unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. This posture by SADC which lead to the historic declaration of the October 25th SADC as Anti -Sanctions Day will be commemorated Sunday by all nations under the theme “Resilience, Progress and Solidarity under an environment of sanctions”

As Diaspora Zimbabweans, we stand in solidary with our government and the people of Zimbabwe in calling for the urgent and unconditional removal of sanctions imposed on our beloved country by the USA and its allies. Our people have borne the brunt of these illegal sanctions. The cumulative effect of these illegal sanctions has been devastating in every sector of our economy. Sanctions are a blunt, coercive instrument with far-reaching implications on the ordinary people, especially women, children, youths and the elderly, people with disabilities and those suffering from chronic illnesses. Our country’s citizens have fallen victim to this indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction which is being deceitfully presented to the world as targeted by our detractors.

As representatives of the ruling party in the Diaspora, we implore all our comrades here and at home to remain vigilant during the trials and tribulations under sanctions. As revolutionaries, we should never doubt the certainty of our victory over these illegal inhumane sanctions. We applaud all Zimbabweans who have remained patriotic to the national cause in adversity. Their resilience, courage, fortitude, unflinching determination in enduring the impact of the illegal sanctions have been nothing short of remarkable.

Surviving under the baneful shadow of sanctions has not been easy for us in the Diaspora and our fellow citizens back at home. Many of us have endured and lived as second-class citizens in our host countries. Sanctions reduced us to becoming economic refugees, losing our dignity at times by trading our professional qualifications to work as labourers. This we shall never forget.

We encourage all our comrades to remain courageous in the hardships and to continue to support our government in rebuilding Zimbabwe in line with Vision 2030 Objectives. The national challenges we have endured should equally refocus us and our government to gird our strength and draw from our national endowments to develop our country and improve the plight of the citizenry, despite the apparent odds against us.

As President ED Mnangagwa reminded us in his recent speech, that “Sanctions are without a doubt a form of aggression against my country and a tool of regime change, coupled with the vicious cyber-attacks, hostile propaganda, calculated to divide Zimbabwe, sanctions undermine our people, unity and national cohesion”. For this reason, we must remain vigilant and guard against the machinations of our detractors who want to destroy our national unity and peaceful nation.

In conclusion, comrades, countrymen and women let us draw strength from the regional solidarity on the 25th of October and unite for a common unity of purpose in denouncing the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. The greatest way we can demonstrate that we truly deserve this solidarity from across the region, continent, and the world, is to be united and staying on the course of principle. We are a determined people, a resilient African nation with a history of standing for what is right and just. #SanctionsMustGo #FreeZimbabweFromSanctions

For and on behalf of the Zanu PF UK & EU District
Cde Marshall Gore
District Chairman