Zimbabwe Agenda For Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation: Zim-Asset


In pursuit of a new trajectory of accelerated economic growth and wealth creation, my Government has formulated a new plan known as Zim Asset (Oct 2013 – Dec. 2018. Zim Asset was crafted to achieve sustainable development and social equity anchored on indegenization, empowerment and employment creation which will be largely propelled by the judicious exploitation of the country’s abundant human and natural resources.

This Results Based Agenda is built around four strategic clusters that will enable Zimbabwe to achieve economic growth and reposition the country as one of the strongest economies in the region and Africa. The four strategic clusters identified are: Food Security and Nutrition; Social Services and Poverty Eradication; Infrastructure and Utilities; and Value Addition and Beneficiation.

No doubt this cluster approach will enable Gvt to priorotise its programmes and projects for implementation with a view to realizing broad results that seek to address the country’s socio-economic challenges. Given the resource constraints, Gvt will come up with a robust and prudent fiscal and monetary policy measure to buttress and boost the implementation of Zim Asset. Gvt ministries and agencies, the private sector and development partners, and the nation at large are therefore called upon to work together in championing the implementation of this Results Based Agenda.

The Office of the President and Cabinet will play a leading and coordinating role as overseer of the implementation process to ensure attainment of set targets of the plan. Our guiding Vision is “Towards an Empowered Society and a Growing Economy”.


H.E President R. G. Mugabe